Chinese language course book-走遍中国

Chinese Textbook – Volume 1

This first volume was born from the years of study and teaching of the Chinese language by Sabrina Daly.

走遍中国 allows you to reach the A1 and pre-A2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and was created mainly for theenage students.

Designed to give a broader understanding of the Chinese language, especially in the grammar area, it prepares for the HSK1 certification exam.

The text is divided into 16 lessons, focused on learning new characters and words related to a specific topic to help understand the basic structure of sentences in Chinese.

The joyful imprint of the introductory comics to each chapter immerse the student in the proposed topic.

Ample space is dedicated to listening, translating and correct knowledge of pinyin and related characters. The volume also deals with cultural issues and curiosities relating to general culture.


Travel all over China

走遍中国- Chinese elementary course

Publishing house:

Daly’s Translation Centre s.n.c. editore

Volume 1

HSK1- pre HSK2

To be released in 2023

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